creating smart homeThe Benefits of Home Automation in Asheville, NC

If you are a local or future local resident, Asheville, NC is a beautiful place with picturesque mountains, downtown culture, and outdoor adventures. The city itself is a rapidly growing area that natives and tourists alike gravitate towards the mild climate, craft breweries, foodie scene, and music. Asheville has diversity with a metro population that is increasingly growing. In real estate, more homes in Asheville are installing smart home technology to offer a level of support for young adults and aging homeowners. Installing smart home technology allows Asheville residents to remotely access smart products such as thermostats, lighting, and electronic locks. 

What Is Home Automation?

Home Automation is commonly called a smart home. It is building automation that has a system installed to monitor and control home attributes like lighting, entertainment, and appliances. Each device component is connected to a central hub on a device that works through the Internet. 

Benefits of Home Automation

  • Smart Lighting: Smart lights are wireless transmission that allows you to control them remotely wherever you are. Some smart lights can be paired with voice assistants like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, or Amazon’s Alexa, which allows you to control them just by using your voice at one control point. You can control smart lighting manually from your device with features like setting timed schedules when you are away. 
  • Smart Music: If you have a voice assistant, they can be used to stream music via Bluetooth. You can command the voice assistant to play a certain song or playlist that is on your device. 
  • Smart Security: This device is especially popular in suburbs and homeowners. Smart security is an installed system that lets you monitor your entire household from a device. You can watch live or recorded footage from the connected surveillance camera on your device. Whether you want to watch your dog, check the front door for package delivery, or scan the premises, smart security will also send you alerts on your device when movement is detected. 
  • Energy-Friendly Automation: Home automation systems lower energy consumption and household expenses. Smart devices such as the smart thermostat, smart lighting, and smart plugs can diminish your carbon footprint and create great monthly savings.

Alltek Systems Design

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