4 Reasons To Upgrade to Smart Home Technology

4 Reasons To Upgrade to Smart Home Technology

Everyone wants to be smarter. We go to great lengths to ensure we learn as much as possible and that our children receive a quality education. Have you ever thought of making your home smarter? With the right technology in place, your home can be more intelligent than you ever dreamed, which can help save you money and energy.


This is the perfect year to upgrade your home's technology. In this article, we are providing four key reasons to update to a smart home. 

4 Reasons To Upgrade to a Smart Home

1) Smart Homes Make Life Easier

Have you ever thought it would be convenient to start your coffee maker or your washing machine with your phone? Have you ever thought it would be helpful to get an alert on your device whenever your kids return from school? Have you ever wanted a more efficient way to turn off lights than following your children when they leave a room? Smart home technology is your answer. 

You can take your life back and enjoy managing your home from your phone or tablet with the right technology in place. No longer will you have to worry about whether you turned the thermostat down, turned off your appliances, set your alarm, or turned off the lights. With smart home technology, you can make your life easier. 

2) Smart Homes Make Your Family Safer

Smart homes provide the technology that helps make your phone integrate with your security system and cameras. Some of the ways your smart house is safer includes: 

  • Getting more benefit from your security system’s functions including alerts sent directly to your phone wherever you are. 
  • Turn on your porch light when your family arrives home or automatically at dusk. Turn on your interior lights at key times to discourage burglary. 
  • Set your locks on the door sensors to turn on automatically when your security system is armed and even arm your system on with your phone if someone in your family forgets to set it.
  • Get alerts whenever your fire, smoke, or heat sensors are triggered. Your smart home can even alert first responders if the situation warrants it. 
  • Get a photo alert sent whenever the front door opens, so that you can know for sure the people entering your home are supposed to be there. 
  • Check who is at the door through your doorbell camera and security cameras with alerts sent directly to your phone. 

The safety features alone are worth investing in smart home technology.

3) Smart Homes Make Your Energy More Efficient

Your home can be far more efficient with smart home technology. The amount of energy you can save through the use of technology can make a significant difference in your utility bills. Here are some examples of how a smart home is more energy-efficient:

  • Reduce energy waste with the Nest Learning Thermostat™. Nest allows you to set your heating and air conditioning system to raise or lower the temperature automatically based on your family’s needs.
  • Set your lights to turn on or off automatically based on your family’s specific needs. If you forget to turn your lights off, you can do it directly from your phone. 
  • Reduce the energy usage from other appliances by utilizing the automatic settings features. 

4) Smart Homes Make Your Property Value Higher

Property values in our area are excellent. Investing in property in western North Carolina is one of the most intelligent decisions you can make.  Once you install smart home technology, your property values can increase. If you ever do decide to sell, your smart home can only help your property's value. 

From convenience to property values, there is a lot to love about smart home technology. If you want to give your home an upgrade, have a professional make your home more technologically intelligent. 

For Asheville area residents that are ready for their homes to be smarter, the best thing you can do is reach out to the expert team at Alltek Systems Design. We can help answer your questions about home automation and smart home technology, so you have all the information you need to make the right decision. Help make your home safer and more efficient by contacting Alltek Systems Design today.