Security Systems and Homeowner's Insurance

Security Systems and Homeowner's Insurance

Do you own your own Asheville home? If so, you have something special. The real estate market in western North Carolina has never been stronger. While nothing is guaranteed, there is a good chance you will come out on top if you ever choose to sell. Whether your property has stunning views, quaint water features, or is situated in a charming neighborhood, your western North Carolina home is the envy of many.


Unfortunately, despite low crime rates, some homes are burglarized in Buncombe and Henderson counties. While we typically think of break-ins as a big city problem, small towns and rural areas are as much a target of the nefarious characters who would try to take things that belong to others. A single burglary or break-in can shatter your sense of security. However, installing a quality home security system will reduce your chances of being burglarized and can even help lower your home insurance premiums. In this article, we are talking about the importance of home security for your safety and your insurance. 

Why Some Homes Become Targets

We typically assume homes in rural areas are safer and less likely to be burglarized, but that is not necessarily the case. Homeowners in rural states actually have more burglaries than those with larger metropolitan areas. Whether you are in an urban area, the suburbs, or the country, there are some practices that invite burglars:

  • Unkept and unmaintained landscaping 
  • All lights off and the appearance your home is unoccupied
  • Packages and mail piling up on your porch
  • Unlocked doors and spare keys that are easy to find
  • Lack of automated lights and security alarms 

Most burglaries take place during the day and are more frequent during the summer months. Most thieves are searching for the lowest hanging fruit. They want to find the easiest target. You can help deter would-be burglars by making your home seem occupied throughout the day. 

Home Security Systems Make Your Home Less Susceptible

Mowing the lawn regularly and having your neighbors check in on your home will help reduce the potential for crime. There is no substitution, however, for the effectiveness of a home security system. A security system reduces the occurrence of burglary by upwards of 60%. The average yield from a home invasion is just over $2,000. Though that number is a lot when it is your valuables, it is often not worth the risk if your home is being monitored by experts. A would-be burglar will be much less likely to bother your family and property if your house is protected by Alltek Systems Design security systems. 

Home Security Systems Often Lower Homeowners Insurance Costs

In addition to all the benefits related to protecting your home, security systems can help reduce your homeowners insurance rates by as much as 20%. Insurance companies recognize the value is having your residence protected by a high-quality security system. It’s not just burglaries. Home security systems help reduce the damage from fire as well which means your insurance company is even less likely to pay thousands of dollars for repairs. These savings are often reflected in your insurance premiums. 

For many years, Alltek Systems Design has been helping Asheville area homeowners reduce their homeowners insurance, and more importantly, make their homes safer. Our mission at Alltek Systems Design is to provide the best electronic systems solution for your home. We will work with you as a reliable and responsible provider for consultation, design, and installation of your custom home systems. 

Whether it is a simple home security system or a complete custom total home electronic system integration installation we pay close attention to all of the details during every step of the process, ensuring a system that encompasses all of your goals within the established budget. 

If you want to know more about how a residential security system can help you and your family have peace of mind, contact Alltek Systems Design today.