Upgrade Your House With Smart Home Technology

Upgrade Your House With Smart Home Technology

It is a new year. Western North Carolina residents are excited to put last year behind us and strive to make the new year the best ever. Some things have not changed or taken full effect just yet. For example, many area residents are still spending more time at home than ever. Between remote learning and work and avoiding busy entertainment, families are often at home during the times of day they would’ve once expected to be out and about. 

When you spend more time in your house, you may become more aware of things that might make your home more convenient and efficient. As we enter this new year, it is time to consider bringing your home up to the technology of the day. It is time to think about making upgrades, so your home can work smarter and you don’t have to work harder.


What does it mean to have a smart home?

How can a house be smart? If it works more intelligently through the intelligent use of technology, it can be considered a smart home. Smart homes are becoming more popular as technological advancements make it increasingly possible to integrate your home's systems to increase convenience and efficiency. The possibilities of a smart home are vast. With your mobile device, you can potentially control numerous services, including:

  • Your home's thermostat settings 
  • Your home's security system and door locks
  • Your home's lighting 
  • Your home's appliances 
  • Your home's security cameras
  • And much more

If you are always following your children to turn off lights when they leave rooms, you could save yourself time and headaches by utilizing smart technology to turn them off from your phone even if you are outside or at the office. 

What can smart homes do?

Smart home technology can allow you to control a variety of systems with your phone or tablet. That means you ensure your house is running as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

Here's how this could benefit your family. Say your kids arrive home from school before you return from work Your smart home can alert you that someone has keyed in your security code. You can access your doorbell and other security cameras to ensure that it is indeed them. You can set your lights to turn on automatically in portions of the house. Even if they forget to reset the alarm, you can make sure it is set for them. You will receive alerts from smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. 

If your family is out of the house, you can use your smart home to ensure that your heating and air conditioning unit is not running any more than what is necessary. If you leave for vacation and forget to lower or raise it 5-degrees, you can reset it from the road. When you are returning home from work, school, or vacation, you can set it to automatically heat and cool your home to a comfortable temperature before you return. 

Other potential benefits include:

  • Increased security with the ability to receive notifications from your motion detectors, doorbells, cameras, alarm keypad entries, etc. 
  • Increased safety with the ability to set lights to turn lights on automatically when your family returns home. 
  • Decreased energy consumption with the ability to set your heating and air conditioning to heat and cool at key times when you are home. 
  • Decreased stress chasing down your kids to turn the lights off whenever they leave the room. 
  • Increased convenience with the ability to set appliances to do the work at specific times from your smartphone. 
  • Increased property values if you decide to list your home on the market. 

Smart home technology increases safety, security, convenience, and property value. It is typically easy to operate and can pay for itself. Are you ready to upgrade your house to smart home technology? Alltek Systems Design is here to help.

Alltek Systems Design in Asheville, NC is your trusted home automation and smart home team. We bring the highest quality smart home technology to western North Carolina, so families can utilize all the tools available for safety, security, and efficiency. Our mission at Alltek Systems Design is to provide the best electronic systems solution for your home or business. We will work with you as a reliable and responsible provider for consultation, design, and installation of your custom home systems. If you would like more information about our smart home technology, contact the team at Alltek today