self monitoring systems consHendersonville is one of the fastest growing towns in western North Carolina. Known for apple orchards and surrounding scenery, the county seat of Henderson County has become a center of art, craft, and culture. We welcome hundreds of new residents and homeowners to the area, who all enjoy excellent employment opportunities in Asheville and Hendersonville, hiking and mountain trails, excellent fishing and watersports, and everything that makes western North Carolina special. 

Hendersonville is a place of friendly people and neighbors who look out for one another. However, even in the safest communities, burglaries can still occur. For those who have recently purchased homes in Hendersonville, or have property passed down to them for many generations, it is vital to make sure you do everything you can to protect it. Professionally monitored security systems are one of the best tools for keeping your property safe from disaster and those who want to do harm. 

Alltek Systems Design is here to help Hendersonville homeowners and property owners protect their families and homes with the highest quality professionally monitored security systems. 

Professionally Monitored Security Systems You Can Trust in Hendersonville 

Self-monitored systems are becoming more popular for their perceived affordability and flexibility. These systems are typically installed and maintained by homeowners who are responsible to respond to potential emergencies on their own. Notifications are sent to a homeowner’s smartphone and they can decide whether to contact emergency personnel. While it may indeed be more affordable to invest in self-monitoring at the outset, there are several reasons homeowners must at least consider choosing professionally monitored systems:

  • Professionally monitored systems reduce your chances of being burglarized by 60%
  • Professionally monitored systems may make your home eligible for reductions in homeowners insurance
  • Professionally monitored systems are not reliant on cellular coverage to alert homeowners and officials about emergencies
  • Professionally monitored systems send alerts to control centers that can contact emergency personnel in seconds
  • Professionally monitored systems typically have fail-safe codes that allow families to communicate distress even during home invasions 
  • Professionally monitored systems are also professionally installed and maintained

Alltek Systems Design is committed to providing the highest quality security systems for residents of Hendersonville and surrounding areas. Our systems protect homes in western North Carolina and give homeowners peace of mind. If you are ready to talk with our team about a professional security system, we are here for you. Contact Alltek Systems Design today to begin protecting your Hendersonville home.