fire and life safetyThere are few places in the Carolinas outside of Raleigh and Charlotte that are growing as rapidly as Asheville, NC. Buncombe County has added nearly 100,000 residents in the last two decades as well as a host of new small businesses and large companies. What once attracted people to Asheville is still here. We are surrounded by some of the highest mountain peaks in the Appalachians. They seem to almost rise from the city’s skyline. There are rivers, creeks, lakes, and all kinds of waterways providing area residents and tourists plenty of watersports. With thousands of miles of hiking trails and mountain biking single-track, our area is a must-visit for adventure enthusiasts. For those who enjoy mountain climbing and boulder scrambling, we have plenty of options in the area. If cultural amenities is what you are looking for, Buncombe County has some of the best restaurants, breweries, art galleries, and music venues in the South. 

There is a lot to love about our area, including the opportunity to own property. While housing prices have been on the rise for several years; however, they still remain competitive compared to other east coast cities. The things that make Asheville attractive are not going anywhere, and as the demand for property will continue to increase, so will property values for homeowners. Even new homeowners see increased equity in a relatively short time. 

If you have a house in Asheville, you know the importance of protecting it. One of the most important steps you can take toward protecting your home and its occupants is having a high-quality residential fire alarm system installed by Alltek Systems Design. 

Residential Fire Alarms Asheville NC

There are over a million structural fires every year in the United States. 350,000 of those fires are in residences. Thousands of people are injured and killed annually from blazes that typically result from cooking accidents. You can prepare yourself and your family for the potential for accidents by creating a plan for escape, designating a rendezvous point, identifying neighbors to help call 911, and practicing crawling underneath the smoke, but nothing ensures you are as prepared as possible like a professionally installed fire alarm system. 

Residential fire alarms alert occupants inside the house and emergency responders to the presence of smoke and fire. They help you and your family respond much more quickly to fire than any other means of alert. Find out more about how you can protect your Asheville family and property by contacting Alltek Systems Design.