home securityLearning how to install security camera wiring in your Hendersonville home can be a complicated process. Fortunately, most systems include detailed instructions that will help you get your system running correctly. Before you begin your journey of selecting a security camera system, we have curated a list of how to install security cameras and plan your security camera setup. 

4 Tips for Residential Security Camera Installation Hendersonville, NC

1) Create an Installation Plan

Plan your security camera installation locations before you purchase the equipment. Determine exactly how many cameras you need, must-have features, and research reliable brands. Sketch out your home plan and where to position cameras. Typical security cameras are placed at entry doors, windows, porches, stairways, driveways, and common rooms. Before you install, make sure there are no obstructions and have a clear line of sight. Install outdoor cameras higher than 10 feet to protect the device from inclement weather. Outdoor cameras are built to be durable, and choosing a good camera placement will help extend the life. Some systems will require to be wired, and if you are not comfortable drilling holes or running cable, hire a professional installer. 

2) Purchase Home Security Cameras

Look for the best value and the most convenient option, and a system that you can rely on. Bundled home security camera systems offer all of the accessories you need for installation included. Wireless security cameras require minimal drilling, but powering can be tricky, and the image quality will vary based on the size of the area you are trying to cover. Wired security cameras cover a larger property, but the installation process requires more steps and tools. Some security cameras feature monitor-sensors that save recording space and energy. When you purchase a system, be sure to connect and test all the components before installing the system.

3) Prepare Camera Mount

Most security camera kits will come with a drill template for immediate placement. Use the mounting template as a guide and drill a pilot hole for mounting the screws. Then install any included mounting pins by lightly tapping with a hammer and screw the camera securely into the wall. For wired cameras, run the cables through the camera mount point and behind the wall until you reach the point where the DVR box will be mounted. 

4) Connecting Your Cameras

After you have successfully installed your cameras, connect the input cable of your wired camera to the DVR box. First, connect the DVR output port to the input slot of a monitor and be sure all the parts are connected to a power source. Wireless systems need to have the corresponding software installed. You will need to follow the instructions throughout the process to ensure this is done correctly. 

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